Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jan. 2007

My second trip to the land after New Years 2007 was again unseasonably warm and it was possible to camp again. A local soil tester from Monroe named Ted Pelorin met with me and collected some samples of soil and deemed it good for drainage. He staked out a site for a future septic area and my much sooner to come outhouse.
I spent the next few days camping and walking around. I built a platform to keep my tent off the ground as it rained for most of my stay. Again I was hit with an almost blissful feeling of ...something...belonging? The work I did amounted to the clearing of brush from the general area of what was later to be my driveway. I did some sketches of what a small shack could look like. I was going to have to erect a shelter of some kind that I could heat if I was to stay there during the winter. I planned to build it on the platform I had made for my tent. It measured 8'X12'. Cozy.

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